Living in My Today

Living in My Today

LIVING In My Today is a philosophy and overarching dementia program created to support the well-being of residents living with dementia, family members, and team members at Schlegel Villages.

At Schlegel Villages, we aspire to not only to provide comprehensive care and services, but we also strive towards reaching a certain level of excellence with each of those services, ensuring positive impact for the residents and family members we serve.  Over the years we have strengthened our approach to providing services to those who live with dementia.  We are committed to fostering a community where people living with dementia feel included and supported so that they can continue to live a life filled with meaningful relationships and moments of purpose and pleasure. 

The following guiding principles are at the foundation of our dementia program and helps us stay true to our mission and values.  They include:

  1. “People living with dementia have unique life stories, experiences and perspectives that are validated and honoured.” 
  2. “People living with dementia, their care partners, and team members engage in genuine, meaningful & authentic relationships built upon equality, empowerment and respect.”
  3. “People living with dementia have the right to experience a life of freedom and choice that reflects their values, needs and preferences.” 
  4. “People living with dementia have opportunities to experience meaning, purpose and growth every day.”


In particular, Living in My Today includes:

  • thoughtful and accessible design
  • individualized and meaningful recreation and engagement opportunities
  • enhanced and flexible mealtime experiences
  • resident-centred personal and restorative care practices
  • hiring for the right fit and specialized dementia education and training
  • practices that empower and collaborate with residents
  • shared opportunities for learning and support for residents, family and friends, and volunteers
  • strong partnerships with those in the circle of care (e.g., residents and family members, physicians/registered team members, pharmacy, allied health professionals, interdisciplinary team members, volunteers) and strong partnerships with community organizations (e.g., Research Institute for Aging, Ontario Dementia Advocacy Group, Murray Alzheimer Research and Education Program, local Alzheimer Society chapters to name a few).